Not all manicures are created equally.

Polish Change

This service was created for the lady on the go. Don't have time for a full manicure but still want your nails to look fabulous! We have your covered.

Starting at: $15

Traditional Polish Manicures

An oldie but a goodie! If you are someone who feels that variety is the spice of life then this manicure is for you. You can easily get a new color each week!

Starting at: $20

Semi Gel Manicures

There is a new polish in town and it’s a hybrid between gel and traditional polishes. These polishes dry quicker than traditional polish but they don’t need an LED lamp to cure. The polish will typically last up to two weeks. The best part about this polish is that the removal process is a lot easier than a full gel manicure. The polish can simply be removed with acetone polish remover; it does not need to be soaked.

Starting at: $25

Gel Manicures

(You must come with the pervious manicure already removed). If commitment and convenience is the name of your game then this is the manicure for you. Gel manicures last up to 3 weeks. A gel polish is applied and cured with a LED lamp.

Starting at: $35


Our toes and feet need to look and feel good too. Take a seat at and let us work on your feet.

Starting at: $40

Brow Shaping

A good brow shape can change your life! Yes, brows are the frame of your face and eyes and with a properly groomed brow you can feel confident to face the world.

Starting at: $20

Womens' Blow Dries

How many times have I had clients say to me, “Can you come do my hair for me everyday?” And now we can! A good hair day can brighten up any mood. Let us tame your tresses for any occasion, date night, or just for a good day at work.

Starting at: $40

Mens' Haircuts

Most men tend to get their haircuts every 3 weeks. It can become quite the chore. Let us bring the fun and style back into your hair cut!

Starting at: $20